Are You Choosing The Right Skateboard?

Dec 16 , 2018

Are You Choosing The Right Skateboard?

electric skateboardsSkateboarding is an easy means of travel which is both economical and trendy. Almost everyone wishes to own a motorized skateboard today and it is quite affordable and easily available. But when you decide to buy an electric skateboard do keep certain factors in perspective while choosing.

Purpose or Use
Before buying an electric skateboard, you should define the use of it. Will you be using it for your daily commuting or just for some fun rides?  The terrain where you will be using it is also very important. You will have to choose differently for riding on flat grounds or on steep slopes. For hilly areas, there are boards which have varying hill grades for varying steep levels. These are essential points to consider before you decide on the particular board you choose.

The weight of the Skateboard
This is very vital because you will have to carry the board when you are not riding it. If the board you have chosen is too heavy it will be an additional burden to you. Another important factor is that the board should be sturdy enough to carry your weight. Keeping these things in mind you should choose wisely from the wide range of motorized skateboards available in varying weights and capacities.

Electric longboards and skateboards are used by most for commuting purposes from home to work or to school. The speed, therefore, is a concern as reaching on time becomes a priority. Most boards come with a speed of 15 km/hr to 25 km/hr which is ideal for daily use. You should be an expert skateboarder to use an electric longboard with a speed range of 25 km/hr to 45 km/hr. These are a little high in price and need dual engines to enhance the speed.

Battery Range
If you are buying a cheap electric skateboard with the purpose of daily commuting you need to be sure of its battery life. The range of the battery should be sufficient to complete your to and fro journey without the need of any recharge. A low battery charge can be a matter of inconvenience.

It is important to keep your skateboard in the best of conditions for optimum functionality at all times. Therefore, easy maintenance is an important deciding factor. Getting the screws, bearings, and belts regularly checked is vital for safety purposes. But to save additional maintenance, you should choose a skateboard with minimum service requirements of the electrical and mechanical parts.

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