The #1 Alternative to Boosted and Evolve Electric Skateboard

Jul 02 , 2018

The #1 Alternative to Boosted and Evolve Electric Skateboard

Next model on the list has a very loud name, THE PHOENIX RYDER.

Do you get it, name is stylized in all caps because it screams how good the board is.

When you take a closer look under the hood, it’s no wonder why the manufacturer decided to put the name in all caps.

Starting with the most important spec for moment for us, this longboard features 8 ply Canadian maple wood deck. It can hold up to 280 lbs of weight. Entry level electric skateboards will have 5 ply decks, at best 7ply. The PHOENIX RYDER really is something that’s built for grown ups in mind.

Another spec that tells you this electric skateboard is aimed at adults is the rated output power of the motor. There are actually two hub motors that power this board. With a combined power output of 1000W, these two motors can deliver top speed of about 25 mph. Inclines of up to 30° can be battled by The PHOENIX RYDER.

On top of all that, with a 6.6 Ah battery, you’ll be able to cover around 19 miles on a single charge. Keep in mind that both top speed and mileage on a single charge depend on a lot of factors. Charge time for the battery is between 2-4 hours. I took a look at the battery make and model, and it’s LG. It’s not cheapo generic Chinese battery, so kudos to The PHOENIX RYDER.

Wheels have hardness level of 85A. They are wear resistant PU wheels, just what an electric skateboard aimed at adults needs. Controller has speed control similar to that of Atom Electric H.6 (slow and fast). Best part about everything that I just wrote is that I still haven’t gotten to the best part yet, the price.

At 600$, this really is a decent bang for the buck that you’re getting with The PHOENIX RYDER. People I know who have it are satisfied with it. I definitely recommend it if you are a bit heavier and are in the market for a sturdy electric skateboard.