6 Month Warranty

 Products with 6 months of warranty:

  1. PHOENIX RYDERS provide you with 6 months free maintenance, the wearing parts are not included(eg: PU wheels, grip, battery case etc).
  2. All the man made damage is not covered in the warranty.
  3. You need to bear the round-trip freight.We can provide you a shipping label which will be much cheaper than that shipped by yourself.
  4. We will no longer provide you free maintenance if you take apart the products or repair them by yourself.
  5. We provide you paid maintenance if they are damaged by yourself.

Products over 6 months paid maintenance:

  1. You can return it to PHOENIX RYDERS service center in U.S for the paid maintenance service, or PHOENIX RYDERS will send the accessories to you and repair them by yourself.
  2. The price are equal with PHOENIX RYDERS official website.


We reserve all the rights for the final explanation.